Rebellion Academy Needs You!


Content Transcription

Rebellion Academy is creating carefully structured online trainings that are designed to be optimal for online learning.

Furthermore, for each section we have videos and text that are "equivalent" to give learners a choice of either watching the video or reading the text.

This means that if we receive a video as a resource, we sometimes have to create the text, and there may be other sections like "case studies" where we need to create content. We also need to come up with tasks for rebels to complete to help them put their learning into practice.

We are looking for volunteers to help us turn the resources we are given into a full online training by filling in the gaps. You can get as involved in this as you like: we could give you just one video and ask you to create some written content for us, or we could give you the whole template for a section and ask you to find or create content for the gaps. This role can be completely tailored around how much guidance you want and the time you have available.

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